Individual therapy

Individual therapy is the most common form of therapy. In individual therapy, the client brings forward a personal problem which seems troubling for him/her and works together with the psychologist towards its full understanding and resolution.

Most common issues are stress, phobias, panic attacks, depression, anger, grief, health diseases, as well as everyday troubles concerning sleep, diet, exercising or addictions of any kind. The client in individual therapy might also want to work on his/her self-development or to train some skills, like communication skills, conflict resolution skills or assertiveness skills.

Individual therapy is most of the times brief (certain number of sessions) and it only lasts longer, if the type of problem demands it so. The duration of therapy is co-decided by the therapist and the client and it mostly depends on the client’s request. The duration of each session is one hour. Individual therapy is offered to adults and/or adolescents.